gun control

Two tickets to the gun show

If I have to listen to another McCain ad disguised as a radio commercial for “the big gun show,” I’m gonna puke.

Let’s be adults. The existence of future gun shows is not in jeopardy, and most certainly is not hanging in the balance. So saying that “this might be the last gun show you ever get to go to if the wrong guy gets elected president,” as the ad suggests, is disingenuous at best and outright fear-mongering at worst.

I’ve been to a gun show before, and the guy I was there with bought an AK-47. Let me say that again: A-K-4-7. To say that an AK-47 is a “reasonable” weapon with which to defend your home is akin to telling someone standing in the path of a hurricane that they might experience “a slight breeze.” I’m telling you, these shows are less about upholding the second amendment than they are about folks who just like guns, and they’ll be damned if the gummint is gonna tell them they can’t go hunting with a machine gun. Unless what you’re after is venison jerky, in which case a machine gun is totally appropriate.

And I’m not entirely sure that these gun show managers aren’t breaking some kind of Federal Election Commission regulations by “slipping in an endorsement” for the pro-gun candidates in their show advertisements. Those of you who are more knowledgeable about this than I should feel free to comment.