Month: September 2012

My heart goes out

Somewhat related to my previous post, it pains me to share the demise of my former employer, Thoroughbred Times. According to at least two people I know who were one of the 27 full-time employees there, the parent company, Bow Tie Press, informed them on Saturday via messages delivered in FedEx packages the publication ceased to exist Sept. 14.

Via FedEx.

No one deserved that.

Bow Tie apparently filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on TTimes’ behalf. I am hopeful that those 27 employees receive their final paychecks and anything else that is owed them. I don’t know anyone there that didn’t work hard to put out a good product every day.

I worked with some great people there, and I hate that all of them are now forced into unemployment. On its best days days, there were some real great ideas that floated through the editorial bullpen. I fear this means that a load of talent is going to be leaving Central Kentucky soon.

To my former coworkers, I’m sorry this happened to you. This was a real classless move on Bow Tie’s part.