Month: August 2012

Shameless plug for Scott County Humane Society

By now, all of you have been invited to an important event tomorrow. You don’t have to get in a car to come to it, or even leave the comfort of your couch. Just go online and be there.

Tomorrow Scott County Humane Society is in the running for a free car in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program. Each year Toyota picks 500 nonprofit groups for this project. Each day for 100 days, Toyota gives out a car to the top vote-getting organization that day.

All you have to do is this. Tomorrow, Aug. 8, go to this link and vote for Scott County Humane Society. Then share it on your Facebook wall, or email the link to friends of yours who you think would support an animal welfare organization.

Scott County Humane Society does all the stuff a traditional humane society does, like adopting dogs and cats out to loving homes, but we also run a low-cost spay/neuter program for low-income Scott County residents, helping them get their pets spayed or neutered at a significant discount from what veterinary clinics normally charge. We also go into the local schools and teach kids about the importance of spay/neuter, why it’s not ok to leave the family dog outside all day, and the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership.

Other programs the humane society administers are an emergency vet care fund and pet food bank for low-income residents, educational outreach to teach people about spaying and neutering, preventing animal cruelty, and proper pet care.

With your help, Scott County Humane Society will receive a FREE Toyota Sienna minivan, with which we will transport cats to PetSmart on Saturdays, take them to the vet for their checkups and “take our act on the road” to Scott County schools and civic organizations, spreading the word of the humane society. Right now, we are relying on the kindness of volunteers for those transport missions. Having the minivan will help us reduce the reliance on our volunteers’ vehicles. It will also allow the animals to travel comfortably in a decent sized vehicle, and not have their crates crammed into the backseat of a compact car.

I know many of you will not benefit personally from this, nor will your respective communities. For those of my fellow Kentuckians who this reaches, I am asking you to vote for us out of civic pride. We are the only Kentucky organization in the running tomorrow, and we are from the same town as Toyota’s flagship manufacturing facility. If you no longer live in Kentucky or never lived here at all, I’m asking you to vote because you know me, and you know I would never ask you to support something that wasn’t worth the few minutes you will take to cast your vote.

Management realizes this is a departure from the usual content of this blog, and we assure you that we will return to our regular programming after this contest is over. In the meantime, we encourage you to go vote on Wednesday, Aug. 8 (tomorrow if you’re reading this on Aug. 7).